Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is just like yoga with a twist!

You have the ability to bond with an animal and nature while improving your own health.
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Need a pick me up on your rougher days?

What’s better than a cute animal to assist you with your yoga routine!

They can be your motivation and your best friends all in one! They bring you encouragement you wouldn’t have during a typical workout.

Being mobile offers a variety of landscapes and environments, and takes yoga enthusiasts out of the four walls of their traditional classes.

For children this can be a complete life changer!

While us adults will benefit from the physical improvement, a child can gain a new companion that encourages them to take part in a new activity!

Adults can also  gain these same benefits while making friends with people who realize these important benefits. Taking part in new activities improves the lives of the humans and goats involved!

More health benefits than 1!

Not only will goat yoga improve your physical fitness, but the therapeutic benefits are immediately joyful! The ability to disconnect from day to day stress.

Let’s not forget the goats love it too!

For goats being social is an essential part of their lives. What better than being around a cute and loving goat? They’ll motivate and encourage you without bias as long as you show them a little love!

Check out the gallery below for some extra images of events we’ve had with Goat Yoga!