About Us

Luna Sage Acres is a high quality producer of Goat Soaps located in the Melbourne Florida area.

At Luna Sage Acres our goats are part of our family. From being the stars of Goat Yoga, to being the milk behind these soaps. We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labor in these natural soaps that will make your skin thank you.

We hold regular events for Goat Yoga to help improve the wellness and health of our local community and encourage others to be social and enjoy a better quality of life!


Our goats are very active members of our Yoga Sessions and we hope you’ll check out all of the Goat related products that we have to offer! If you want to learn more feel free to contact us and we would be glad to talk!

There’s huge challenges in life – some harder than others. We’ve been featured online in the following places because of the challenges we’ve had to overcome. We started our goat farm after overcoming hurdles we never could have expected and work harder everyday because of them.

See notwoalike.org by clicking here for the story of how I overcame incredible obstacles thanks to amazing people.

Learn about how Goat Yoga changed our lives and how we do our business by clicking here!

We’re also one of the top 10 places to do Goat Yoga according to 10best.com! Click to read more!


If you’re in the Brevard area get ready to join us for Goat Yoga or check out our Products!