About Goat Soap

We thank you so much for considering to use our goat’s milk soap! We are proud of our product, and want to list our simple raw ingredients, instead of large scientific terms of the finished product that unknown ingredients can be concealed in.  The only large word we have is sodium hydroxide, which is lye.  That is what has joined oil and water(goat milk in our case) into bars of soap throughout history!  It disappears during the 6 weeks of aging (saponification).  100% goats milk from our farm is used in these bars as well!  Alot of commercial soaps have the natural glycerin that is formed in soap making removed and used in high end products.  Then they have to word it in certain ways, because it isn’t real soap!  We’ve had alot of positive feedback on our soap.  Look up our ingredients and learn how good they clean us.